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Pinnacle Nutrition | A Dietetics and Nutrition Practice in Singapore

At Pinnacle Nutrition, a specialized dietetics and nutrition consultancy in Singapore, we strongly believe in an integrated approach to good health by focusing on the person as a whole and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

With the wealth of health (mis)information on the Internet, it might seem easy to be your own nutritionist. At Pinnacle Nutrition, our approach involves science-backed nutrition made easy and applicable in our Singapore context.

Our expertise lies in maternal and child health, weight management, chronic diseases management and advanced nutrigenomics to help you and your family live, look and feel their best.


At Pinnacle Nutrition, we offer personalized science-backed approaches towards healthy eating, nutrition and wellness. Our services include:

Nutrition Consultation

Whether you are a busy professional, looking to understand your health status or have specific health goals, we are here to support you with our friendly consultation sessions.

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Workshops & Workplace Wellness

Demystify the often perplexing and confusing food science debate and learn valuable tips and skills at our interactive nutrition talks and workplace wellness programmes.

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Media Engagement

We can be your brand’s spokesperson through various media channels, including TV, radio, product communications and professional writing.

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Personalized nutrition, one-on-one consultation

At Pinnacle Nutrition, we pride ourselves in providing credible and practical nutrition advice by the highest qualified and recognized nutrition expert in Singapore, in an open and friendly manner.

Our unique selling point is our multi-dimensional approach: an entire ecosystem of health and wellness solutions ranging from personalized nutrition program, lifestyle recommendations, customized diet plans and bespoke nutritional supplements, so that you can live, look and feel your best.


Pinnacle Nutrition Singapore

Founder, Dr. Verena Tan

Pinnacle Nutrition is founded by Dr. Verena Tan, a qualified dietitian-nutritionist in Singapore, with more than 15 years of extensive and diverse experience in the nutrition industry.

Pinnacle Nutrition was born out of Verena’s dream and passion for providing science-backed personalized nutrition and wellness solutions. With the highest expertise in her field and passion in preventative nutritional health, she brings on-board the most advanced scientific knowledge for easy everyday application.

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